It’s a bit late in the month, but I’d like to share some free and cheap resources for BHSM that I think are great for educating teachers and staff about speech-language pathology.

1. This free presentation from Autumn Bryant on our scope of practice is great for an in-service day.  I liked it but also cut out some picture slides and added some more information about strategies, goals, AAC, and what pragmatics is in my own version; use whichever presentation works for you!

2. These excellent teacher handouts by SLPteacher.  I love how they go over how to support a wide variety of impairments from hearing loss to students with pragmatic language issues.

3. This Speech Language Pirates handout describing what “speech & language” services involve.  Even though this handout is a little more elementary level than I prefer, I like how it talks about our role in treating language disorders as well as how we are different from regular education teachers working on grammar, vocabulary, or sentence structure.

Best of luck with our special month! It definitely is a busy month for us, but I hope these links are quick and easy resources for you to grab.

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