Sentence Combining Activities: The Roundup

Resource shows that sentence combing is a really effective way to expand and improve syntax or sentence structure for our adolescent students with Specific Language Impairment; however, *finding* free or low-cost and easily accessible activities that target this skill can be a challenge. This is why I am excited to share all the wonderful sentence … Continue reading Sentence Combining Activities: The Roundup

Virtual Grammar and Sentence Combining Resource for Teens

Grammar and sentence structure goals are pretty common for our middle and high school speech and language students, yet it can be difficult to come up with ways to target them that keep our students engaged.  I find my students get sick of answering questions about pictures quickly and also find some of those grammar … Continue reading Virtual Grammar and Sentence Combining Resource for Teens

How to Target Writing in Speech

Boy, do my middle and high school students hate to write!  It's definitely a challenge to get them working on grammar and sentence structure during speech & language therapy sessions and especially so if I want them to target writing skills.  Yet, it's absolutely essential we work on writing, because it's such an important skill … Continue reading How to Target Writing in Speech

Teaching Complex Sentences

Complex sentences are the bread and butter of academic subjects.  Language arts, science, and even math classes are rife with long, complex sentences that students with speech/language impairments find difficult to decipher.  Speech-Language Pathologists sometimes point out that complex sentences with conjunctions have been explicitly taught in regular and special education classrooms, so what can … Continue reading Teaching Complex Sentences

Adolescent Grammar & Sentence Structure

Grammar & Sentence Structures Difficulties in Middle & High School I've noticed a trend when it comes to working on grammar and sentence structure with middle and high school speech & language therapy students.  My students often look like they have "mastered" their various IEP speech/language goals: subject-verb agreement, copula use, & even complex sentences.  … Continue reading Adolescent Grammar & Sentence Structure