I provide comprehensive evaluations for:

  • language delays (late talkers)
  • language disorders/impairments
  • dyslexia
  • reading disorders
  • writing disorders
  • Stuttering or Fluency Disorders
  • Articulation or Speech-Sound Disorders
  • Phonological Disorders
  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech
  • Functional Communication for children with more significant disabilities, nonverbal, or minimally verbal children


Frequently Asked Questions 

How long do speech-sound, phonology, or articulation evaluations take?

A speech sound or articulation assessment usually takes no more than 30 minutes in total.


How long do stuttering evaluations take? How do they work?

A stuttering or fluency disorder evaluation should take about 15-30 minutes.  A stuttering evaluation determines the frequency of the stuttering as well as severity.  It calculates how long the stuttering moment lasts (half a second, 1 second, etc) and what type of stuttering typically occurs as well as in what situations (conversation vs reading aloud, etc).  A stuttering evaluation also includes questions about how stuttering impacts one’s life and to the degree it has a negative impact on one’s self-esteem and social-emotional well-being.

How long do comprehensive language-literacy evaluations take?

Language assessments have many more components so these assessments take anywhere between 1-2 hours. A comprehensive language-literacy assessment such as the Test of Integrated Language & Literacy Skills (TILLS) would take about 70-90 minutes to complete.

Due to attentional or other difficulties, some children may need multiple sessions (2 or 3 sessions) to complete all testing. Some children also may have multiple impairments combined and therefore require multiple, distinct assessments.

How do teletherapy evaluations work?

Your child would complete the teletherapy evaluation on the HIPAA-compliant, secure online platform.  Much like in-person testing, he or she will need to listen to clinician directions and complete various subtests to get standardized scores.  Most speech & language assessments have online versions that are designed to be administered via teletherapy.

How long do apraxia evaluations take?

A childhood apraxia of speech evaluation should take no more tha 30 minutes.  Although a child may shows signs of apraxia at an early age, a speech therapist cannot formally diagnose childhood apraxia until a child has turned 3 years old.